Rubber flooring repair kit – for self-repair of the surface of the playground, pitch, etc.

Our repair kits for playground rubber surfaces, playgrounds, treadmills etc. are the best and easiest way to repair holes and cracks in tartan surfaces. Each kit includes:

  • rubber granules
  • binders for mixing and application in place.

You can use our repair kits to do the following:

  • Fill the holes in the SBR cushioning layer
  • Fill cracks in the poured EPDM rubber face
  • Removal of pavement intersections

Each TARTAN rubber surface system has two layers, a base layer (shock absorbing layer) which consists of black SBR polishes, and a wear layer which consists of EPDM granules in the color of your choice.

Repair kits for the surface of a playground, running track, sports field

Often it is enough to patch only the tartan wear layer, but if the damage still persists in the base layer you will need to patch this layer first. Wear layer patch kits may not be used to patch damage to the base layer.

We also recommend that you re-bond from time to time by applying a thin layer of polyurethane compound to the surface of the playground using a sprayer. This allows you to significantly extend the durability of the pavement and seal its surface.

To order a tartan repair kit:

  • Give the color of the pavement
  • Give the dimension of the damage to the EPDM layer – the top layer
  • If the SBR layer is damaged, specify the thickness and size of the defect, preferably in cm3


Repair kits:

  • Repair of sports fields
  • Sports treadmill repairs
  • Playground surface repairs

Why is it worth buying from us?

  • Over 15 years of experience in the installation of sports surfaces
  • Top quality products
  • Advice, assistance in installation,